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Dietitians Unplugged Podcast

Welcome to the Dietitians Unplugged Podcast with Aaron Flores and Glenys Oyston.  Join us as we explore the idea of health and wellness from a new perspective. Each episode we will discuss topics that we hope to help you improve your health, body image and fitness without obsessing on the scale or counting calories.  We believe in Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, and body positivity and we want to help you build the confidence to ditch the scale, and embrace your health without shaming your body.

Apr 8, 2019

Aaron and Glenys dive deep into the body with Tracy Brown, RDN, LD/N. Tracy is a somatic nutrition therapists who helps her clients reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies through the principles of Intuitive Eating. Glenys, Aaron and Tracy discuss the effects of trauma on the body, how "feeling fat" isn't really about body size at all, how the fight/flight/freeze reflex can keep us trapped in the diet cycle and how reconnecting with the body can help end the cycle. Bonus content: Witness Glenys' spectacular demo of how disconnection with the body can lead to total brain meltdown!

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