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Dietitians Unplugged Podcast

Welcome to the Dietitians Unplugged Podcast with Aaron Flores and Glenys Oyston.  Join us as we explore the idea of health and wellness from a new perspective. Each episode we will discuss topics that we hope to help you improve your health, body image and fitness without obsessing on the scale or counting calories.  We believe in Health at Every Size®, Intuitive Eating, and body positivity and we want to help you build the confidence to ditch the scale, and embrace your health without shaming your body.

Sep 26, 2016

Aaron and Glenys team up with Carmen Cool, MA, LPC and Julia Kohn, a very wise teen with a lot of things to say about how problems with body image begin at a young age, and are often unwittingly reinforced by adults. How can adults do better? Listen and find out. This episode was created as a part of Binge Eating Disorder Association's Weight Stigma Awareness Week, happening September 26-30, whose theme this year is Teaching The Truth to Kids.